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Gladiator Cleaning Ltd.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Domestic, Commercial and End Of Tenancy


Steam Cleaning

Our Enforcer 400 is a top of the range dual-vacuum machine which removes more dirt and helps fabrics dry quicker. Extra long hoses allow us to reach all areas without needing to move it.

Using an inline heater to produce jets of hot steam for deep cleansing, we can slice through stains in carpets, vehicles, and a variety of upholstery and fabrics.

The machine itself only uses water to minimise environmental impact and be fully pet and child friendly.

Commercial Cleaning

Carpet & upholstery cleaning services for offices, schools, holiday parks, nursing homes, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Bulk discounts available.

Vehicle Valeting

Much more than just a vacuum - we flush hot water deep into the fabric which is the only effective way to fully remove those annoying spills and odours!

A full clean of all interior plastics is also included for one fixed price.

Stain Removal / Protection

If necessary, specially mixed pre-sprays containing enzyme breakers can be used treat urine, vomit, and other stubborn and unpleasant substances.

We also offer stain protection treatment for new fabrics.

Pressure Washing

We can also provide pressure washing services, and have a wide range of accessories for cleaning different surfaces including patios, decking, driveways, upvc, windows, conservatories, gutters, fascia and vehicles.